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He's not controlling toward me in telling what to do or not do. He's been quite pushy on the DS, but I think Steve pretty well resolved that issue. If there's a control issue at all, I would say it is that H wants to be in complete control of everything that he does without having to consider how that may affect anyone else.
This is classic control.

Each partner feels that they know what is "right" for the relationship. One or both act on this well intentioned, but misguided belief.

He feels controlled, he acts out in passive ways. (the bathroom, the job itself, the 7:30 lights out)
You feel that you are NOT incontrol of your life, due to choices he makes. You push, he pushes, the escallation begins.

Here is a hint. WHENEVER you hear namecalling, sarcasm or putting down the other partner in a relationship, there is an issue of control being exherted <- sp?.
That statement sent my marriage/myself into a total spin.

Me; W 46
Him; H 46

2 girls
Dated/Married total 28 years.
..I am learning and working on myself.