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I'm wondering, though, CWMI-what your plan of action is?
See, because with my husband, if he behaves in a way that's a deal breaker-well, I have to follow through on my consequences. Otherwise my word is just as good as an addicts.

So, if your husband traveling is really a dealbreaker, what's preventing you from following through on your boundaries?

This is what I don't understand either. I don't get the feeling that it really is a deal-breaker. He's been traveling for work for quite some time now, and she's still there. Her actions are showing her H that it isn't a deal-breaker at all. She may complain about it, but she isn't going to follow through with anything.

If my H said, either stop writing or it's over, then I'd pretty much say, okay, see ya. I'm sure you would do the same thing if your H started up with his addiction again. Those are deal-breakers for us. Right now, traveling for work really isn't a deal-breaker for CWMI. Her actions prove that. And her H knows he can continue doing it without suffering any real consequences for his actions.

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