I have said this before and I will say this again. I think CWMI and her husband differ on a crucial characteristic. And I am not convinced their marriage can survive this difference.

I think CWMI holds herself to a very high standard. And she is constantly striving to live up to that standard. And she wants to see her husband striving to live up to that same standard.

I think CWMI's husband feels "good enough is good enough". He is content to stop striving once he gets to good enough. He is content if CWMI stops striving when she gets to good enough. And he wishes that CWMI could be happy with him when he gets to good enough.

But she can't be happy with that. And I do not know how to bridge that gap. Because I don't see CWMI's husband becoming enthusiastic about putting in the effort to reach CWMI's standards. From my perspective, I think the only hope for their marriage is for CWMI to go to Plan B. Because I don't think her husband will step up to the challenge otherwise.

When you can see it coming, duck!