Sarcasm is immature, (about a 12-14 year olds forte)
not a good way for grown up people to communicate.
Let me guess, you call names too?
...but only ones you feel justified using.

You are the alpha in your family. It takes a lot of nards to do this. You should be respected for leading.

This marriage formula, for whatever reason, is not working anymore.
It will mean the death of your union if you do not change this dynamic.
MB is about love bank and meeting needs. It is so simple, but in practice it is hard to do, at first at least.

Check my sig, if you request, I can send you some information about overcoming control issues, for the alpha, it is hard to read.
But if you are going to justify your sarcasm, general nastyness and name calling (I would hate to be called the names you throw out at your H on a daily basis) there is really no point, because that s one of the the first steps alphas must accept NOT to do in this material.

Me; W 46
Him; H 46

2 girls
Dated/Married total 28 years.
..I am learning and working on myself.