I love H and I employed it on each other on a regular basis. My friends and I still do. It is the way I talk. I didn't really realize it's damage until my sweet, sensitive DD pointed it out to me. I began to realize how much I hated being around my awful I nasty we were to each other. I would find teachers using it in the school I work and imagine my daughter in that class.

It was awful and hearbreaking.

I had an affair..

After it was over and exposed the most amazing discussion was with our friends...they weren't that surprised...not because I am an awful slut...but because we were so mean to each to each other...they began telling us we made them uncomfortable to be around each friends, his friends, my family...

it was enlightening.

I am now biting my tongue a lot and it is getting easier

I like your straighforwardness and I can tell you totally love your husband. It is clearly me, but, then again, I'm fluent in sarcasm.