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WHAT??? Didn't I just ask you that? Didn't you just answer no? Maddening! Is there anything that can be done about an unclear communicator? How can I tell him that the way he miscommunicates is a problem without him feeling attacked? I think he knows this, but he doesn't see it. It's been a problem for a long time.

So what.

He didn't say it exactly like you wanted. Did you get what you needed to know? That he made it to the shop?

Yes you did. Leave the rest.


If you think he is pathological, and trying to keep you confused all the time, then that is a different problem.

I mean, I get the the convo was a little wierd, but, did you find out what you needed to know?

And if he gets angry when you ask for clarification, then that is on him. You shouldn't respond with snark back at him, but be calm, (like it sounds you did here...) and then maybe your interactions will get a little calmer.

So he sells High End cars? I would expect serious travel on his part, if he is in any way any good at his job. The high end manufacturers want thier dealers to have exceptional knowledge about the cars they are selling. Even if the buyers have no more ability to process this info than: "Well, this IS the more expensive model than the Jones'"