You and your husband are having trouble communicating. Since it bothers you, please consider changing your "style". I "hear" you to jump to conclusions while you are listening to your H. Then when more facts come out, you find that your conclusions were false. And then you blame him for not being clear.

How about you not jump to conclusions (which are DJs)? How about you allow him to explain himself before you accuse him of confusing you?

I know this isn't easy. Most of us are thinking 3 steps ahead when we listen to other people. It is hard to train yourself not to do it. So I don't want to give the impression that I think this is a quick fix. But I think it would help.

My wife does this. More so lately than years ago. She interrupts everything I say partway through. She does it to the kids too. And I must say, she is usually WRONG in what she thinks. Mostly, when she interrupts us, she is heading in the wrong direction. Because she has not allowed us to make our point. The kids have started complaining to her. She apologizes, but she keeps doing it.

You already know that you and your H have very different communication styles. So you know that your first impression of what your H says is likely to be wrong. Instead of getting angry with him for misleading you, why not get angry with yourself for leaping to false conclusions? After all, as we say often around here, the only person you can control (change) is yourself. Good luck.

When you can see it coming, duck!