No, my fear about him being dishonest at work is a whole conglomerate of things:

1. He'll invite the wrath of God (okay, perhaps a bit dramatic, but I do believe this!)

2. He'll get fired, jeopardizing our income.

3. He'll ruin his reputation and be unbearable. If he's not liked, he's not happy!

4. He'll feel guilty and be unbearable. Was it you who read Leadership and Self Deception, about how people lash out and make themselves into victims after they have done something against their own values? Yeah, that's tough to deal with.

5. It is an indication that he will never, ever change, and never, ever, be an honest person. Going back to point #1, I don't want to share that karma.

I'm not fearful that he will be dishonest at home. I pretty much expect it. I'm not angry about him being dishonest at work. I'm disappointed, and worst of all, I kinda pity him. How awful is that? I pity him like he's Willy Loman. I should invite him to see that play, but he'd never recognize himself. I better hush now...

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)