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Thanks for the encouragement.

Maybe I am still in shock, or just being naive, but I really do believe her when she tells me she didn't want this to happen. She says that she missed my presence and affection and attention, and was caught out at a vulnerable time. She felt hopeless because there was no definite timeframe of us being reunited.
If this is truly how she feels I believe you may have a huge problem on your hands. She's telling you that she'll screw a guy if she gets lonely for you??? Do you see where she is basically punishing you for leaving her to her own self-discipline?

I'm not making excuses for her, as it remains a deep betrayal of our marriage vows, but I do believe she is sincere and wants this to work.

I have to finish off at my work, but I am booked to fly over there on 12/23. Is this too late? I know the next few weeks will be a torture for me.
Can you get your family back here until you're ready to leave? What are they doing down there without you? I would not leave her alone for a month, no way. Especially after she told her that she screwed a guy because she missed you! faint

Am I being too understanding and forgiving too soon?
If you feel understanding and forgiving at this point, I would call you naive.

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