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Really? She has told me she has had no contact with him since it happened. She says I am the only one for her and that she is living under Grace at this moment, because she knows that to now willfully disobew God will lead to her going to hell.

But she knew that when she began an emotional affair with this man and allowed this to happen. She knew you were the only one for her and she was living under God's grace when this happened. IT did not stop her before and it won't stop her now. You don't understand what you are dealing with here. If she decides to invite him back in, you will be the LAST person she will tell.

Your wife has very quickly developed an emotional affair with this man. He has been allowed to meet her needs in your absence.

He has probably met her need for conversation and affection and she has slowly grown addicted to him. The affair took a jumpstart when the OM had sex with your wife and this frightened her. But once she gets used to the idea, she won't be frightened anymore. And she will remember how good the OM made her feel when he was meeting her needs for affection, admiration and conversation.

He will be back.

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