What is really scary is that this guy has been able to move in for the kill with your wife WITHIN one short month of your separation from her. He must be really smooth. This is a full boat emotional affair that just went physical. It will take much more than your wife's "WORD" to stop this train wreck.

That is what is so confusing to both of us. She cannot understand how she could allow herself to put her marriage of 10 years at risk for a man she barely knew and did not feel an attraction to when she first met him.

That is why, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, we are not ruling out the possibility of black magic being involved in this. When we were there together she was so powerful in her prayer life; up every morning at 05:00 to pray and worship. But after I departed she felt too tired, and too busy to pray. She was having to deal with the kids herself, as well as getting all official paperwork in order and trying to build a business network. She made excuses for not praying and left herself open to spiritual attack.

I read the article on exposure and do agree that in most circumstances exposing the affair is required to stop it progressing. But it talks of the risk of driving the WS away. My wife is already on the other side of the world, feeling lonely and alone. If her family were now to turn on her and attack her for her actions, what will this do to her? Won't this drive her into the arms of the OM? I don't know this guy, she knows very little about him herself, so exposing his part in this is not really an option.