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She cannot understand how she could allow herself to put her marriage of 10 years at risk for a man she barely knew and did not feel an attraction to when she first met him.

If her family were now to turn on her and attack her for her actions, what will this do to her? Won't this drive her into the arms of the OM?
the possibility of black magic being involved in this

Look at these quotes.
What you are saying is illogical.

WW is not really attracted to OM.
Black Magic is responsible, not WW.
The light of truth (exposure) will drive her to the arms of OM, to whom she is not attracted if it were not for "black magic".

Say, what?

It seems to me that if you really believe it was black magic that caused WW to fall for OM, you'd leap at the chance to give black magic the middle finger by virtue of EXPOSURE !