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I can understand "I told you so!" as an infuriating thing. Tell me, is it because you were given good advice and didn't take it, so therefore you feel, er, short-sighted? Or is it something else, like a perception that your advice-giver feels superior? Would you say the aggravation is more from you feeling inferior or a perception that they feel superior?

It's the last bit- a combination of both feeling inferior and a perception that they feel superior. And "infuriating" is the wrong word, in retrospect, but I think you understand my meaning. I know that being honest is always the right thing but there are times that I find it difficult to be honest about really small, stupid things. I have this inner conflict about "why can't I just tell the truth about this?!" I feel like I'm hijacking your thread with my own issue here, forgive me. I just found myself relating to your husband's dishonesty problem and the posts about "good people don't lie" struck a chord with me.

As for asking him how the work situation went, yes you should definitely ask him.

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