Actually, maybe start with that....tell her you are conflicted and concerned about telling her because you are afraid of her response and don't want to hurt her.

Tell her how awesome it feels that she is making time for you and yet how difficult it is to feel that without gearing up for disappointment immediately afterward.

Maybe you can suggest a nice breakfast and a backrub or something instead? My assumption is this will be a weekly thing right? Just tell her you love her and appreciate the thought but you are a bit "gun shy" and would rather just cuddle and spend enjoyable time together.

I'm sorry I jumped on you. You are actually a lot like me. The thing is, my DH started doing nice things and I was completely far he has kept doing them. Sure he falters and I have to resist going back to AH HA! I knew you didn't mean it!

I am trying to enjoy the moment and forget expectations and above all else make decisions from the best part of me, not passive aggressive revenge.

Good luck.