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His snip, and yes.

Fun conversation, that, and all the other didn't come out (thought he was sterile, baby not his) didn't come out until #4 was three or four years old.

Wow. Just wow. Not just to this post but to the big long one you first posted today.

That sounds EXACTLY like something my XH would say to me. Well, he DID say it to me....before the wedding he wanted kids...then years passed and he kept putting it off for one reason or another--usually something *I* wasn't doing right---then after 16 years when I finally convinced him to have unprotected sex and I got pregnant he tried to convince himself it wasn't his....yeah, sounds familiar.

Ugh. Sorry CWMI. You have my sympathy. Liars are the worst. Eventually I don't think they even know what the truth is.