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SW--I was too irritable and ready to lash out. He's not the intentional turd he was, but he still isn't...well, here comes a big DJ: he lacks competence in the relational department. Sex is good, he's a great financial supporter, if he wasn't OCD he'd be an awesome Domestic supporter, but there's more to life than sex, money, and spiffy cribs.

I hear you CWMI...if you are like I was in my last marriage, I felt like I responded correctly 90% of the time, but when I would come on here and share the details of the other 10% I would get hit hard with the 2 X 4s.

It was not until I began seeing my now dh that I realized just. how. hard my first marriage had been. Most of that was because WXH had ZERO interest in really making it work. Part of it though WAS because he just didn't get some things...

So you have the advantage of your dh wanting to do better.