Thread jack and pointless observation but I'm struck reading this thread that there are soooo many people on here who hate that their husband puts in long hours, dedicates his life to his career, etc, etc. The counterpoint to that is my marriage where my STBXW has encouraged me to work longer hours, lots of overtime, etc where I don't get compensated for it (military). All because she didn't want to spend that much time with me. I wanted to spend time with her but that apparently was a LB. I didn't have my "own life".

So at this point in my life, I think it's enlightening and interesting that there are women out there like yourselves that actually WANT to spend time with their spouse. Why on earth your spouses don't see, understand and want to enthusiastically comply with that is absolutely MIND BOGGLING. No JOB is worth more than family. [/rant]

Age - 35
Divorce Final - 3/5/12

S - 13
S - 10
D - 8