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Really sit down and have a conversation about this work thing with husbands. It defines us. Its impressive how hard we can work. Its amazing how much we can provide. But it becomes a trap. Wouldn't be surprised if some of your men don't feel trapped by it all and have a lot of anxiety about being able to provide and keep that job.

I completely understand this, I really do. I KNOW my husband is defined by his career. It is who he is to the core. He *used* to make those calls, texts, come home and have conversations with me. Now, I am lucky to get a call and the texts have stopped, as have the conversations when he gets home from work. He plugs right into this laptop and works until bed time. He has had this career before I came along. Back during dating, he was available to take the time for me, but as the years have passed, he chooses to put more time into work and less into his home life. I see this as a choice. It does NOT mean us wives do not understand how hard, stressful and burdening it is to be the breadwinner. Men still have a choice to cherish their wives and not put every ounce of effort into work. I see a lot of men making the WRONG choice and a lot of wives waiting for them to come home some day and treat them with the care they did before.

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