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Hold what I was talking about, is you coming up with a plan that might have a chance of creating more interest/ desire in Mrs Hold, for your relationship .[quote]

As for riches? They can be a 2 edge sword (She only loves me for my money).

How can I make this any clearer. There is nothing that will create any more interest or desire in Mrs. Hold other than my earning lots more money, taking her on fancy vacations, buying her a fancy car, jewelry, clothes, etc. She expected that when we got married. She is disappointed that it has not happened. And that disappointment prevents her from having any interest in me sexually. The potential to earn big money was all I thought I had to offer a woman, and so it isn't any surprise that I got a woman who wanted me for my money. The only problem with that is that I don't have any.

Well, that plus my decided lack of physical attractiveness. But she knew all about that before we got married. We each made a deal with the devil. We both got what we deserved.

At least I have to keep telling myself that. Because the only other explanation for our situation is that her sexual history has caused her to separate sex from emotions. So she cannot tolerate sex within the context of an emotionally intimate relationship. If that were true, the solution would be for her to address her anxiety. Which she has steadfastly refused to do.

If the problem is her PTSD and not my lack of wealth, then I am not doomed to failure. I might be able to find another woman who would actually be willing to have sex with me. If I believed that, I would have to leave Mrs. Hold. Which I refuse to do. So I will not allow myself to believe that.

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