I think it's pretty clear what he really feels about me, Retread.

BTW, I've missed your presence here.

Here is some stuff from the last couple of days: I went with him to the Co Christmas dinner Tuesday. We had a great time, then went to a local watering hole afterwards, where a man sitting next to us (within a group of three--2 dudes, one gal) said, after we'd engaged in conversation with each other, that he was surprised we were married to each other for ten years, we acted more like lovers who were married to someone else. I said, "That's so sad, that you think that of marriage."

Then Wednesday came.

I did not go to the event--at an art gallery, to sell cars?--and told H that I did not feel the need to honor an agreement that I made without RH from him, and it was up to him if he was going to go. He said that he was going to go to honor his agreement to his boss, but it would be the last time evah that he would volunteer to do this stuff. I said, "I have no reason to believe that."

So he got home at 10pm and I haven't spoken to him since. Like I said before, I'm forked. Done. I am doing nothing else for this marriage.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)