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CWMI's husband could be considered a workaholic. Do you think it's not fair to ask him to leave because having work as his first love isn't "as bad" has having another woman, alcohol, or drugs has his first love?

I do not equate workaholic with adultery, alcoholism and drug addiction.

I will however, agree with this

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I learned very early on, actually, that being a workaholic was a very acceptable method of escape from my family. It became one of my go-to coping mechanism for life.

Sometimes people turn out to be different than what we thought they would be. Life is like that. Marriage is like that. Sometimes one of the mates will not make changes the other one wants. I do not believe that is grounds for divorce.

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SH didn't make much of an impact with CWMI's husband..Sometimes we need to pull out the big guns, so to speak, with respect to boundaries.

Over on SAA I've seen a man (SOL) post that he has been adviced by SH or other counselors affilitated with this site to not leave an adulterous wife...one that is pretty much in his face about her affair and her unwillingness to save their marriage. So I can't believe it would be the thing to do to leave a man because work issues cannot be POJA'd.

Again just me. As a BW who has watched my child go through he** and myself suffer because of the divorce I sought due to WXH's adultery...I know I would NEVER divorce over workaholism.