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She hates it.
I don't spend much time reminding my wife of this because then she might leave me. But she knows.

Of course she hates it.
The perception of yourself that you build up in a woman�s mind is where her sexual drive comes from.
We have all tried the begging bowl way (poor me), but it doesn't work. The best we can expect is sympathy and sympathy sex. Who wants that?
Ever wonder why so many so many guys that have nothing going for them, end up with attractive women?
The reason is that they think he is a great guy. In surveys it is shown that most women would choose a guy that makes them laugh over a guy that is rich. A woman can marry a guy because he is rich, but that doesn�t mean she really wants to have sex with him.
What causes women to want to have sex is the interaction that leaves them feeling he is a great guy.
A great guy isn�t someone who brings them flowers everyday. That is a desperate person.
Telly gave a great example of the calm, confident, interaction of a great guy.
It's all in the words and more how you say them.