haha Too funny!! Yes, my son has a variety of shows he loves. It's Blue's Clues at the moment, but it varies between different (mostly) preschool programs right now. He gets so connected to them and communicates himself via the shows, or what the show is saying.

When someone leaves, or he wants them to leave, they "go to college" like Steve did on Blue's Clues. When Steve left the show, he "went to college". His father is now "going to college". Gah!

I love special needs people and their lack of complexity and when they surprise us when they don't "need" as much as we thought they did! My son surprised me a few weeks ago when he said my muffin I was trying to pawn off on him as a cupcake was gross, when I know he loves cupcakes, but he knew that what I was eating was a healthy muffin and he wanted no part of it! Cracked me up and surprised me yet again!

ME: 36
Married: 2/14/93
A: 5/04
Seperated/Divorcing: 8/10
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DS: 13 (aspergers syndrome)