Interesting topic. Personally speak, I back down from masculinity at times because I don't know how to deal with the consequences of my actions. For example, I'm a big enough guy, but I'd never engage in a fight as I have no idea how I'd take a hit nor what kind of damage I'm capable of. Even in non-violent type activities, it's as though I don't have the experience to really know what it's about in many cases.

But it is sad though. A while back my 6 year old son was having issues with getting into fights. I was really rather proud of him because in every case he was reacted to someone knocking over his blocks, taking his snack, etc, and always with friends of his. Sadly, parents and teachers had to get involved instead of letting friends work it out. Now, he has to pretty much be a tattle tale. Granted, if he could have picked a better response in most cases, but the fact that he responded and didn't take it was great. What 6 year old has the wisdom to get it right every time.


Me 38
Divorced 8/09
DS 10,6
DD 4