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Oh, she failed at modeling marriage, or healthy relationships... kinda why I don't lean on her for my own M problems... she has no clue.

HHH, I was also raised by a corrupt parent [father], so I sympathize with you. frown He really hurt me and my brothers and sisters by teaching us that wrong is right. He wasnt just corrupt in his relationships but in all aspects of life.

It's the part of me that doesn't regret lacking exposure; the family picture on both FWW and I's sides... just crap.

Let's see; my mother - unrepentant adulteress, married to an abusive drunk.

My father - the ultimate doormat, married to a manipulative drunk.

Oldest sister - on her 4th marriage, because running is the answer to her problems.

Brother - Currently in an affairage - resulting from an RA due to his own lack of boundaries.

Older sister - divorced due to ex-husband developing a heroin addiction. Marriage was a "for the kids" sham long before his drug addiction; role-reversal for the neglected SAHM, instead a SAHD.

MIL - Serial, unrepentant adultress, married to her last AP. Former drug abuser.

FIL1 - AP - decent enough dude, BUT, functional alcholic and unrecovered drug user.

FIL2 - Actually a great guy, but currently estranged from W #3 - former drug addict, alcoholic, and wife beater (which is why MIL started A and affairage #1).

BIL - Perpetual freeloader - with a human slimeball of a woman who hasn't worked a day since she's been with him - won't let him work if it with "the wimmens" in any form - BIL hasn't had a legitimate job since I can remember, constantly working "under the table" 3 kids, 2 together, one from hobag's former BF. Both drug addicts

SIL - Renter, used to shack up with a drug addict BF in his mother's home - because she enables her sons to both be drug users and freeloaders. Currently has custody of BIL's younger 2 kids. Lives like the world owes her a favor - moved out at 16 to shack up with her XBF because, you know, rules suck and stuff.

World of poo...

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