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I see marriage as more than just a vow to be honored by the two who marry one another. At least in my vow, the congregation also spoke that they would uphold the vow. I think society does have a responsibility to support those vows and anyone who chooses to get involved with someone who is not their spouse is just as guilty as the wayward spouse.

I agree with this.

My mother was an OW. She wasn't married at the time that she had an A with my father and got pregnant with me, but he was married, with 3 children. What she did was most definitely wrong. They were both wrong.

But as far as the betrayal of my father's wife goes, I do think his was worse. After all, he was the one who was married to her. He was the one who took vows saying he would honor her and be faithful to her. My mother didn't make those promises to her. My father did.

In my own case, I was mad at my H's OW for "betraying" me, especially since she was supposed to be my "friend." But I was even more angry with my WH. After all, he was the one who married me and made a lifelong commitment to me, not her.

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