>>You know and I know and I know we both know we're not all on the same team here. <<

I have read this entire thread...fascinating. I have to agree with your statement. My emotional reaction to the posts by one person in particular are very negative. I feel offended big time by whatever this person writes.

This forum is full of people who don't suspect that there are people out there without consciences. Such a thing does not occur to them. Maybe they even believe such a thing is not possible. After reading and absorbing all the things you have said about your husband, I would bet that he has a personality disorder and lacks empathy, and feels no guilt about lieing or "using" other people, you included. I don't think it is a case of "poor misunderstood and mistreated man" encountering so many disrepectful judgements and love busters from you as at least one obvious enemy helicopter on here at least implies.

If I am right and he is an anti-social, he will respond more to the threat of loss of money than anything else. Maybe the factor of divorce that would be most offensive to such a person would be having to pay spousal and child support ;-)

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