Thanks, FPM! I did see a therapist yesterday! WOW! What an eye opener this guy was/is! I loved it! I guess I met my psychotheraputical match! I'm really looking forward to more sessions with him. We talked for 3 hours! He made me understand a lot of what has been going on in my life. lol Needless to say, I was extremely enthusiastic and feeling lighter when I left the office. I'm still feeling better!

This morning I have a JOB INTERVIEW! It's not a great paying job, but it's a job and I'm going to get it... or I hope I am! heh. Okay, I'm very hopeful :P.

I have not looked into respite care. I am just afraid to leave my younger guy with someone I don't know smirk. However, my sister is a neighbor and has offered to help me with before and after care smile.

AND! I have a buddy who is going to assist me on where to go to get registered for school!

Everything is happening at once, but I feel good about it. A little nervous, but it's a good nervous. I feel like my life is blossoming...finally. Hope nothing gets in the way!

ME: 36
Married: 2/14/93
A: 5/04
Seperated/Divorcing: 8/10
DS: 11 (autistic)
DS: 13 (aspergers syndrome)