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I want to say that I followed your link to the Game Plan video and watched and it was very helpful to both my husband and I. I was saying that I wished I lived near and got involved with a church like that. Then the last poster reminded me that they wouldn't get involved without the husband's request. What is up with that? I don't get it. They seem like such a great church and I was even getting a bit jealous that I could not be a member. I guess not for abused or neglected wives...

You can watch all the sermons online, though, which is the best part. smile You can 'go' every week. I sent an email to them today, asking specifically for Jeff to call my husband. See, that's the thing, my H says he DOES put me first and I just don't appreciate it. Said it this morning. I asked him if he remembered Jeff's sermon, how Jeff's friend didn't ask JEFF if he thought he put his family first, but asked JEFF'S WIFE. And why he thought that was.

He didn't know.

I told him because it was the wife's perspective of where she was in pecking order that mattered. Jeff could say all day long that he put his wife and kids first, and really believe that, but if his wife and kids didn't FEEL first, then what he said didn't hold any weight. His wife and kids wouldn't think they mattered to him, regardless of what he could assert. And that's where we are. He thinks I should concede time for money, even though he knows money is not important to me (except like air, of course...if there isn't ANY, that's a problem, but enough to live is fantastic and all I truly need).

And there's the sociopathic stuff...HE thinks money is more important that people, so he doesn't get why I don't understand that and beleive that too, because if I understood it and the pressure he is under (puts himself in? Please, we're still set up to live on 36k a year) I would be APPLAUDING all the time he puts into work.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)