Incredibly annoyed today... I stomped on my own toes and I'm irritated with myself (and him) now.

Went snooping around to see what STBX was up to...just being nosy. Ugh, really shouldn't have done that. Now I know he spends hours on the phone with his GF and texts with her all of the time. Also that he's turning into a Whole Foods and fresh market kind of shopper. This is from a guy who smokes 2 packs a day, used to only drink coffee or Pepsi, and had a philosophy of "food is only calories, what food you eat doesn't matter". He has been working on changing into someone else for the last 3 years. I guess it's working. I guess I wasn't part of his "new you" plan. Or that's how I'm feeling right now, anyway.

Ah, well, screw him. One step forward, 2 steps back today. Thankfully, I'm a relatively resilliant person, so maybe I'll sleep off my irritation tonight!!

*rips hair out*

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ME: 36
Married: 2/14/93
A: 5/04
Seperated/Divorcing: 8/10
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DS: 13 (aspergers syndrome)