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I was just thinking about the chef services. My wife thought it would be nice to make my lunch one day. Of which I thanked her for. She decided to make my lunch the second day. I have no idea why since I have never asked her to. I think she just thought she was being nice. On the third day, I stopped her. I told her "lemme take care of my lunch."
Her: "Why? I can do it."
Me: "Because you're not making it the way I like it."
Her: "What's wrong with it."
Me: "You didn't way out the protein portion. And the romaine lettuce is too wet and in too large of pieces. The cucumber is chopped to small and you removed the skin. There wasn't near enough green olives in there and they werne't chopped. You used yellow onion instead of red onion and you left them too large of sections. I think you only put a half of abell peopper in there instead of a whole one. And there was too much blue cheese dressing and not near enough balsamic vinegar. And that's for starters."

So we went back to me making my lunches and all was happy again. She finally understood why it took me 30 min to prepare a meal for the next day.

Hmmm... Can anyone say OCD?

Me! Pick me! smile

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