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Okay, counsel me this, swami...my H says that he cleans for ME. I've told him that his cleaning is a LB to me, it is an annoying habit and results in AOs from him where he berates not only me but the children for being, in his words, 'filthy'.

But he still insists he does it for me.

So I won't have to.

Ya know, do something I wouldn't have done to begin with.

Is that good, iyho?

No. Cleaning is something that he�d have to do for himself if he were single. He doesn�t clean for you�he cleans because it�s just what has to be done when you live in a building. For me, I don�t clean FOR my wife. I clean because it has to be done and I clean because it fills an EN of my wife. I know she hates doing laundry and I don�t mind it. So I tackle the laundry because she hates it�it�s really a division of chores. Like with the kitchen, I do it because my wife would prefer to spend the time bathing the kids. So I tackle the kitchen so we can spend time together.

I don�t think any insulting should happen. I don�t think children should be insulted like that. And I don�t think a spouse should ever berate another spouse in front of the children. I also don�t like LBs. If I�m doing something that is an LB to my wife, I stop it.

Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)