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Hmmm... Can anyone say OCD?

ha! Already been through this. And, yes, I was told I'm OCD about my meal preparations. And it's okay to me because I make them for myself. I realize I'm high maintenence when it comes to meal prep and so I don't ask others to do it.

I weigh out my food. I eat a certian number of fruits and vegetables a day. I have a daily intake of protein I want. I want my vegetables to be a certain size and I don't want too much dressing or it ruins the flavor of the food.

I guess that's fine, except it would probably be an LB for me if my H spent a great deal of time every night doing something like this. But then, that's probably because we have a 2-year-old and I would be the one who would have to watch her while he did it, and we already don't get enough UA time. So yeah, it might be a problem if my H spent 30 minutes every night making his lunch.

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