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Hey, markos, we did! Through SH himself. He said for us to make lists detailing what was important to each us, and each of us do what was on our lists.

Okay, I've been wondering about this. What if you have a truly slothenly spouse who pretty much puts nothing on his/her list? Obviously, there are things that simply HAVE to be done. No one can live (healthily) without ever cleaning anything. So what do you do in this case? Does the spouse who actually cares about not living in a pigpen have to do absolutely EVERYTHING, simply because the person they're married to doesn't think any work around the house is important?

Please note, I'm not talking about my own M. But my mother is extremely lazy when it comes to housework and I grew up in a very filthy, unsanitary environment, so I know those people exist. I certainly don't think the answer to such a problem would be to make the spouse who does care about their living environment do everything while the other person contributes nothing at all. So what would be the solution when dealing with such a person?

OMG, I hope like hell you're not talking about how I must be. My H is OCD. There is a far, far, cry between OCD and filth. SH recognizes it, without ever stepping into your home.

Absolutely not!

I had this question when you first mentioned Dr. Harley's advice about chores, and I've been wondering about it ever since.

I was in no insinuating that you didn't think that any housekeeping was necessary. Sorry for the confusion.

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