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ML, we coached for 2 years with someone who helped us implement the MB system. It never worked for us. Neither of us is willing to work toward meeting the other person's #1 EN. Without that commitment, everything else is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

You have never coached with a certified Marriage Builders coach. I know who you coached with and she could never pass certification. That should tell you something right there. In order to be certified you have to successfully help a couple fall in love. If you can't do that, you are not certified.

Most couples that show up for the weekend have at least one reluctant spouse. My husband was not "committed" to Marriage Builders until he went to the weekend and was sold by the Harleys. That is often the case. The committment comes AFTERWARDS, not before.

So yes, I can understand why my wife does not love me or want to have sex with me. I don't blame her. I wouldn't love me or want to have sex with me, either.

But you can learn to be lovable and you can have a happy marriage. You are sitting on a goldmine and just won't go in.

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