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But you can learn to be lovable and you can have a happy marriage.

No ML, I can't. I am sure the Harleys can and do help couples who hate each other. That is not the problem in my marriage. The problem in my marriage is that I hate ME. Very different problem.

When I said I have no goals, that was a lie. I have one goal I am dedicated toward: making sure that I am never happy.

You know how Harley asks people "don't you want to be happily married? I have a system that enables you to feel romantic love for your spouse and to be happily married. Won't you at least try it?" My answer is "no, if you have the key to happiness, please stay as far away from me as you can get". It is not that I doubt their system can work. It is that I fear it might work. And that is the last thing I want.

When you can see it coming, duck!