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I think you might be making some of the rest of us depressed as well just listening to you...

DJ alert: No, no, no. You should be glad and thankful and grateful you aren't as messed up inside your head as I am!

But that is very un-MB for me to tell you how to react. So you go ahead and be every bit as depressed as you want to be when you read my posts. Who knows, maybe you get as much payoff from your misery as I do.

Jack - anything is possible, but you have to be willing to do the work. I am too lazy. Getting married to Mrs. Hold was the last thing I did to address my situation. I engaged in magical thinking. I figured "she will have lots of sex with me, and I will feel better about myself, and my life will turn itself around - with no effort required on my part!" Of course, life does not work that way. I know that now. If I want improvement, I have to do the work. I don't want it enough to do the work. Sad but true.

W8ing - thanks for the suggestion. Maybe after I finish the Misery Addiction book.

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