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Writer, yes, I am sure it hurts my kids to know what a low opinion I have of myself. S16 has mentioned that to his IC. That his Dad is a great guy who feels like a total failure.

Hopefully in time he will come to realize that his Dad is not such a great guy.

This is just really sad.

As someone who was raised by a chronically negative, depressed, overweight, unambitious mother who constantly criticized everyone around her and did absolutely nothing with her life, I can honestly say I feel sorry for your kids.

I don't hate my mother. I don't think she's an awful person. I pity her. And if that's the relationship you're going for with your own kids, then so be it.

I'm sorry, I just can't read anymore of the self-pity threads. There seems to be so many of them these days. I am so done with all the useless negative energy around this place.

Good luck to you.

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