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I don't criticize people around me. I constantly tell everyone in our house how great they are.

Hold This can not be true. Remember your bad joke that started this latest round? The joke was intended to be critical.

Previous qoute:

>>>I have told her for the past 15+ years that I am unhappy and for the past 6 have said I cannot see past the kids graduation. We had marriage counselling sessions where she said "he just said he is leaving when the kids leave".She knows exactly where she stands. If not, it is because she won't allow herself to know. Not because I haven't told her.

Just yesterday she said something like "I never realized that side of our life was such an epic fail for you". Really? Never realized? After 8 years of marriage counselling? After countless private conversations? You thought I was PRETENDING to be unhappy about our sex life? REALLY?!?!?<<<


Do you really expect to get a different outcome from continuing to do the same thing?