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Correct. I do criticize her. Point taken.

Do you really expect to get a different outcome from continuing to do the same thing?

No, I don't. That is the point. I don't expect to ever get a different outcome.

Kilted_thrower said try at work, have some success, see if wife provides more SF. BTDT. Made partner at my last firm. No change. In fact, that is part of why I started actively complaining. I was doing well at work. She was not working outside the home. I was paying for someone to help her with the kids. And we were not having sex. I understood her being tired with a baby at home. But we didn't even have sex when we went on vacation for a week. That was when I insisted we do MC. Result: no sex, weight gain, huge overspending, and lying about it.

I took the job here to make more money. No change in our sex life. She complained we didn't go on vacation enough. So we went on a cruise. No sex (well, we tried once but she made me stop partway through). We went to Europe. No sex.

So no, I don't expect a better outcome. Whether I continue the same things. Or whether I change.

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