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Also, you seem like you aren't sure if your DH is being honest about the travel conversation with his boss. Ask your H to tell his boss that you will be calling to say "thank you" for being understanding of the travel issue. Have him also ask, "What will be a good time for my DW to call." Lovingly make it clear to H that the boss will be getting a thank you call from you, so you want to know when it's convenient for the boss,that if not, you'll have to stop by the office to say thanks. Heck, even better, maybe you should run by the office to say a personal thanks and bring them lunch.

1. Shouldn't this be POJA'd?
2. The motive is also pretty transparent, which seems to contradict the requirement of O/H and possibly to be a SD. (I'm talking specifically about calling your spouse's boss to discuss his or her terms of employment, not the boundary of no travel).

If my spouse did this, it would be a big LB.

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