I'm sick of missing my husband. I wish all of this wasn't happening. I hate it tremendously. I dream about him constantly. A song reminds me of him. It's like I can't escape something that I have no control over and I can't fix it right now. I keep trying to look up and be positive, but I keep having moments to where I have to step back, or a dream about my husband, and I realize that I'm living in a life that's foreign to me. I hate change. I hate my best friend being lost to me. I hate him threatening my future and haunting my past. I wish I could just move on, safely and securely.

ME: 36
Married: 2/14/93
A: 5/04
Seperated/Divorcing: 8/10
DS: 11 (autistic)
DS: 13 (aspergers syndrome)