My wife and I don't communicate well. My upbringing was great, hers was very disfunctional. Her Dad left her Mom because she is quite disturbing and probably needs meds. We've been married 8 years and have 3 kids, she is a good mom and I'm a great dad. When it comes to any "issues" she refuses to deal with them which she clearly learned growing up. I prefer to discuss them and try to make them better. I used the title "hopeless" because I truly am out of hope that anything will ever change. I don't feel loved, I feel no intimacy, she just now explained she is irritated with me most of the time but can't tell me why. I came out in 2011 with the attitude that I don't care if she doesn't want to try, that I will rise above and do things to make it better. I get no return on this investment however and I've given up. I need some serious brainstorming with all of you. I need to read and learn, read and learn. I'm in love with my family but very unhappy in my relationship with my wife and feel a huge empty hole.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD