I totally agree bubbles. Money is not the anwser.

Hold, the impression I have of your wife, I (rightly or wrongly) read from your posts

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BTDT. Made partner at my last firm. No change. In fact, that is part of why I started actively complaining.

I took the job here to make more money. No change in our sex life. She complained we didn't go on vacation enough. So we went on a cruise. No sex (well, we tried once but she made me stop partway through). We went to Europe. No sex.

It does not seem from your post that a fancy life style makes any difference to your relationship. You have not shown any evidence that money is her sole motivation.
If your wife had run off with an old koot that had $100M then I would agree with you.
It seems from your posts that it has always been your problem rather than your wifes. There has been some reckless spend but plenty of people can do that.
I continue to bang on about this because it is a thought patern that society bangs into us that simply is not true. I have seen the contrary just too many times.
Money is an advantage, sure. But money will never win by itself. It is always a disaster for the man who tries to do it with money.

We all have fairytale dreams when we are young. I think your wife sees the world differently now. I wonder if you can?