Proverbs 19:2 (NLT)
2 Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.

There are two things this proverb points out that lead to negative consequences. The first is reacting in ignorance. A person can become enthusiastic thinking they have a clear perception, but all the while they are ignorant of the truth set before them. The second part is reacting quickly without having the right information. The person jumps to conclusions because they do not have all the facts and find themselves making a mistake.

�Four-year-old Jason was visiting his grandparents. Grandpa was in his study intently reading. Jason walked in carrying a peach, said something Grandpa didn�t catch, and handed the peach to him.
�Thinking his wife had sent him a snack, Grandpa took it and ate it. Just as he swallowed the last bite, Jason, with lip quivering, said, �But, Pap, I didn�t want you to eat it. I just wanted you to get the worm out��. [(Edward K. Rowell & Leadership Journal, 1001 Quotes, Illustrations & Humorous Stories for Preachers, Teachers & Writers (Baker Books: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1996, 1997), 435)]

Often we are too quick to react without understanding. We see or hear partial facts and reach a conclusion because we make assumptions and are ignorant of the full truth. Many a person has been judged this way by people because they only saw the external facts and did not know the internals of what was taking place in the person�s life. Pray God would give you the wisdom to wait and discern properly the things taking place around you. Pray you would not move in haste, but allow God to give you the patience to see and react with full knowledge of the truth.