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I want to write on the front page, "I would like a female mentor of 60-80 years of age who has been in a happy marriage of 40+ years."

Should I? smile

You could. But their idea of a happy marriage might not be yours. For example, let's say my wife and I had been married for 45 years happily. However, you're not hip that my wife goes out with her friends on occassion and I'm okay with that. And I go to a once-a-year coaching conference out of town that leaves me away from home for 4 days at a time. So in that scenario, even though my wife and I have been married for that many years and very happily, you wouldn't want the type of marriage my wife and I have.

Not saying there aren't a ton of things you couldn't learn and pick up from the wisdom of being married happily that long. But you may not agree with the marriage being what you'd consider happy for yourself.

Just food for thought.

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