Oh, and just so we can put a stake in the "Hold is a good husband" idea, I forgot that today is Mrs. Hold's birthday. Yes, I got her cards and signed them. Yes, I bought her a present. But I am away from home on a business trip today (bad enough, but she supports my career 100% - more than I do in many ways - so she said the trip was OK with her). When I called home, I forgot to say Happy Birthday. Twice. Finally around 5:00 I remembered. Turns out the kids had forgotten as well. So very bad day for Mrs. Hold on the love front. My very bad.

Nothing could communicate more clearly how I feel about her (and don't). Early in our marriage I made a very big deal about her birthday, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, etc. Now, today, I completely ignored it. Nuff said.

When you can see it coming, duck!