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staring into each others eyes and being in your own world with your spouse, or discussing each others hopes and fears as they pertain to each other.

This passage by ConstantProcess shows why MB never worked for me and Mrs. Hold. I see now why UA is such an important aspect of MB. The time together allows a couple to calibrate WHAT hopes and fears they have and HOW they are going to help each other overcome their fears and achieve their hoped-for dreams.

UA does not work that way for Mrs. Hold and I. We have each made it clear that we are not interested in helping the other person achieve their dreams. For both of us, the other person's dream is not something we are willing to work toward. You might have thought that we would have figured that out before we got married. Or that knowing that now, we wouldn't want to remain married.

But we are both very good at pretending that reality doesn't exist.

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