Nice vent.

I wonder if my H has loved, and is loving, his core. His present actions do not reflect what he told me his past values were.

And I second this sentiment....


The last time I went to a shop with valentines stuff, I was thinking that too. Since this will be my first valentine's day alone, I need to come up with something to do that will keep my mind off the day.

D-yr fall 06-fall 07
Separated 10/2010
Him-several affairs, last one 3/2011
Divorced filed 3/2011, final 3/2012

Formerly "Mopey".

After a 4 yr FR, it became CLEAR to me of what you can look for in a FR. And that is the absence of POJA, and/or if your spouse tramples on your boundaries. If someone is not willing to do POJA with you, and they don't respect your boundaries, imo, the relationship is doomed.