So of course, I come home to discover that Mrs. Hold has a migraine and is in no mood to talk.

I ask how the birthday situation is coming along. Seems Mrs. Hold and D13 have a new plan. Brunch and a shopping tour on Sunday morning in NYC. I ask what happened to family dinner in NYC Saturday and party with the girls in CT on Sunday. "Oh, the girls were too excited for me to take it away from them. They were telling me it is the greatest thing they have ever been invited to." I guess if you have to choose between disappointing a bunch of 13 year old girls, and disappointing your husband of 18+ years, it is a no brainer.

So were are back to 2 hotel rooms. I ask about dinner Saturday. "The place I picked is way too expensive. I found a cheaper place, but D13 is not enthusiastic. Maybe you can find something inexpensive she will like." We are 12 for dinner in Manhattan. Nothing is inexpensive in Manhattan. Back to being the bad guy.

I know. I should not be surprised. I have trained her that I will back down. If I don't change the dance, I can't complain that she tells the band to keep playing.

When you can see it coming, duck!